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We shape the future.
In what is probably the most charming bay on Lake Garda, a new living environment is being created with a park, residential complexes, villas, and a premium hotel.

Current project: Le Fonti di Salòcurrent project

A vision becomes reality.
Deluxe quality of life.

Salò Exzelent Living srl is putting its ideas into practice. With Le Fonti di Salò, we open up a new chapter in the long history of the town of Salò, situated on the shores of Lake Garda. In the bay of "La Conca d'Oro", known for its delightful charm, a new way of living is being created: Living, working, enjoying leisure time, and spending holidays in the middle of a park and directly at the lake.

Public park

For all-round enjoyable
leisure: relaxation,
activity, pleasure.

Gross area

approx. 33.000 m2


Exclusive living
with stunning lake views.

Gross area

approx. 4.900 m2

Gross floor area (GFA)

approx.1.250 m2

Gross building area (GBA)

approx. 1.250 m2


High-quality apartments in green
surroundings with attractive floor plans.

Gross area

approx. 27.000 m2

Gross floor area (GFA)

approx. 16.100 m2

Gross building area (GBA)

approx. 17.700 m2


Including restaurant, wellness
and smart workspaces.

Gross area

approx. 5.800 m2

Gross floor area (GFA)

approx. 8.000 m2

Gross building area (GBA)

approx. 9.200 m2

Le Fonti di Salò, ò, a first-class project
on Lake Garda.

Le Fonti di Salò is being built on a plot of 8 hectares on the western shore of Lake Garda. A construction volume of around 85,000 m³ has been approved in the implementation plan, making the project the currently largest construction development on Lake Garda. The plan encompasses the construction of exclusive villas, around 250 residential units, a first-class hotel, and a large park.

Completion of the project will result in
an upgrading of the location and a higher
quality image of the city. New jobs will
also be created.
These advantages ensure acceptance
and support from the authorities and
the local population.

Salò has 10,000 inhabitants and has always
been very wealthy. The location in the narrow
bay is ideal. Behind the magnificent
waterfront promenade, the historic town
extends with an attractive pedestrian zone
and many small boutiques of famous Italian
designers as well as numerous cosy restaurants.
Despite its charm, Salò is not dominated
by tourism and has preserved a very
authentic atmosphere.

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